Well-being meets video game

If you ever wondered who was behind My Kenko, don't look further ! Meet our founders, Touba Boumaïza and Yanis B. François, learn more about their experience, why they chose this name for My Kenko, and the upcoming projects.

Our founders, Touba Boumaïza and Yanis B. François

Before creating My Kenko, Touba was a business, management and entrepreneurship teacher for a long time. Former middle-distance's athlete, our co-founder was always passionate about sports, the passion giving her the idea of My Kenko years later. As for Yanis, he is studying STAPS (Sciences et Techniques des Activités Physiques et Sportives), and, just like his aunt, he is passionate about sports, but also pop culture (video games, animes, musiques…) a passion they both share.

The beginning of the Adventure My Kenko

After the MEL (European Metropolis of Lille) and the CITC (Innovation Center of Contactless Technologies) posted a call for proposals "Sports in Companies" on LinkedIn, Touba recognized herself in this call and embarked in this adventure with Yanis and two of his friends. The co-founder of My Kenko imagined this solution in order to help those wanting to take care of their physical and mental well-being while having fun.

The company's identity

My Kenko's name was chosen because of its meaning in Japanese, "health", a culture really important to our founders since they grew up with it and because taking care of your health is part of people's lifestyle in Japan. Our logo was made with vivid colors, mixing red and pink. Red being known for its vitality, passion and pep it gives to people. As for pink, it represents the relaxing side of My Kenko, the goodwill we look for when wishing to take care of our well-being. Looking at the shape of our logo, we can find aspects of pop and Japanese cultures since it is a merger of a shuriken and cherry blossom's flowers, the sakura. Even so, anyone is free to their own interpretation.

"Play, Move, Share" – My Kenko

This slogan represents three important virtues for our founders:
Play, working out shouldn't be seen as a chore, rather as a fun way to move thanks to workshops and the application My Kenko World.
Move, feeling better in your mind and body, is an important thing in My Kenko, it plays a part of our company's lifestyle, it being thanks to dancing, working out and even going for a walk.
Share, strengthening team spirit and bonds thanks to conviviality and sharing great moments duringevents with your entourage, colleagues or even your friends.

The futur of My Kenko

Our company is growing more every day and is being invited to many events, dealing with sports in companies or esport. With those events for different public, My Kenko shows it is a solution capable of making physical and well-being activities' practices more accessible. Our founders want their project to be available to different people, conveying a strong message: sports activities and well-being are accessible to all, anywhere, no matter what you're wearing, your level or even your physical condition.

My Kenko is always growing, being inspired by its surrounding and leaning on its creativity and the experts working with us.
Our founders are always thinking of the solution's future, including the My Kenko At' that are developing as seasons and trends pass. From dance, to combats' sports and fitness, lots of surprises await you in the My Kenko universe.

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