Become the hero of your well-being!

My Kenko proposes to you and your colleagues, a better quality of life at work, by providing a gaming app, video games as in fitness games, as well as athletic and well-being workshops.

How was My MoKap created by My Kenko?

Like most of our creations, we use motion capture (recording the movements) with computer vision (with a camera) to record the different movements to make, thanks to a suit, equipped with various sensors.

When to choose My MoKap by My Kenko?

Choose My MoKap to organize challenges to work on the good posture of your employees, colleagues or students. Motivate them to workout while having fun, by offering a prize to the best players or to the best team.
To win, nothing could be more simple! Accomplish a certain number of repetitions in a team or alone while keeping in mind the perfect posture to adopt.

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