Become the hero of your well-being!

My Kenko proposes to you and your colleagues, a better quality of life at work, by providing a gaming app, video games as in fitness games, as well as athletic and well-being workshops.

My Kenko At'.

While taking part in a workshop My Kenko, you will have the possibility to get introduced to many activities, whether at work or even during your event organized by the My Kenko Team.

Four original workshops to learn while moving your body!

Leave a My Kenko workshop feeling good in your body and mind while keeping in mind good practices!

Atelier Classics pour la MEL
© 2022 My Kenko

Atelier Classics en hybride pour WayKonect
© 2022 My Kenko

My Kenko Classics

My Kenko Classics are complete workshops in which you can enjoy exercises to improve your mobility and posture, mais aussi d’exercices visant le renforcement musculaire.
An introduction to meditation will also be available if you choose this type of workshop.

My Kenko Zen

As its name suggests it, this workshop is centered on well-being activities. You will find in it postures for yoga and pilates, as well as breathing exercises such as abdominal breathing which possess many benefits.

My Kenko Dance

Who said you can't have fun while working out?
Thanks to our dance workshop, you won't even notice the physical efforts you would have made. Discover a new dance such as hip hop or even country dance during our workshops for body expression..

Initiation workshop on country dance for WayKonect
© 2023 My Kenko

My Kenko Fight

My Kenko's coaches offer you introduction's workshops on a combat sports such as boxing or judoduring which you can also improve your mobility and reinforcement.

Workshop to teach English boxing in Athletica, Eaubonne with students from ESPI
© 2023 My Kenko

Workshop to teach English boxing in Athletica, Eaubonne with students from ESPI
© 2023 My Kenko

If you are interested in any of those workshops or you would like to get more information on those, contact us !