Become the hero of your well-being!

My Kenko proposes to you and your colleagues, a better quality of life at work, by providing a gaming app, video games as in fitness games, as well as athletic and well-being workshops.

Move 2 Play by My Kenko!

Move 2 Play is an invention made by My Kenko. The principle is straightforward: your body becomes the controller! Play a selection of video games made for you, by My Kenko and move yourself to control the character or object on the screen. Have fun and challenge other players!

What technology is behind Move 2 Play?

Our team uses our technology of motion capture (recording the movements) with computer vision (with a camera) to transform the movements with in-game actions.

Move 2 play was first tried and introduced at the 2023 95 Kings of Fields where esports players, gamers, streamers, middle schoolers and so many others were able to try it at a preview showing!

Test of the game Pingouin during the third occasion of the 95 Kings of Fields
© 2023 My Kenko

Ruby, the new video game by My Kenko
© 2023 My Kenko

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