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My Kenko proposes to you and your colleagues, a better quality of life at work, by providing a gaming app, video games as in fitness games, as well as athletic and well-being workshops.

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My Kenko went to the 2024 CES!

We were chosen to participate in this amazing event!

So, what is CES? It's the Consumer Electronics Show, an event focusing on new products and technologies in the consumer electronics industry, organized every year in Las Vegas.

🌸 1 startup out of 5 chosen
🌸 More than 1 000 startups
🌸 More than 3 000 internationals exhibitors
🌸 115 000 to 170 000 visitors
🌸 Around 5 000 journalists

For the 2024 occasion, My Kenko went to this tech event to show its products and innovations, including those made with movements' capture thanks to computer vision.

It was a great occasion for My Kenko's team to introduce and get others to agree with their three values internationally:

Play, move and share, anytime, anywhere and for anyone!

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